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Scientific work

Scientific-research Work

Scientific-research work at the Faculty of Economics is implemented through the Center for Economic Research. Our intention is to model the scientific-research work at the Faculty on the developed, educational, scientific and research setting of the surrounding countries as well as the EU member countries. Individual work of each teacher and associate gives contribution to the work of the Center i.e. development of scientific-research work of the Faculty itself.


Center for Publishing

The Faculty has the Center for Publishing. The objectives of the Center for Publishing as a publishing unit are:

  • To organize the activities involving the publishing of the periodical- "Economic Themes",
  • To publish text books, monographs, professional and scientific literature,
  • To issue doctoral dissertations, Master’s thesis and other scientific and professional works.

Periodical “Economic Themes”

The Faculty of Economics in Niš , through the Centre for Publishing, issues the periodical “Economic Themes”. According to the categorization of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, the periodical “Economic Themes” falls into the category of the leading periodicals of national importance (M51).The periodical is issued quarterly.


Scientific Seminar

For the purpose of more active role of teachers, associates and students in analysis of social-economic problems and their contribution in solving these problems, the Faculty forms the Scientific Seminar.


Scientific Conference

When fifteen years ago we started the initiative for examining these two important phenomena-regional development and demographic flows of South-East European countries, at the Faculty of Economics in Niš, we didn’t suspect that this issue would arouse that much interest of the scientists from various fields.


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